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6th Blasts Onesimus Muzik!

Sensational thick lipped artist of the “ Muli Uthenga “ Hit song -6th has condemned the way Onesimus and team treated him at the Homecoming Concert.

6th & Mr Van

6th who was amongst the many more artists to perform at show ; claims he was denied entry at the show and did not perform.

In an emotional and accusatory tweet riddled with grammatical genocide; the upcoming artist claims that he had to borrow transport money to get to the show.

“ Imagine tinakongola transport just to get there from blantyre to lilongwe, tried to push them kuti mwina tibweze kangongole ka transport and kuti tikafike ku show time yabho koma struggle bro, they delayed kumandipasa tpt mma 12 chani,kukafika ku show ma 3 ati ndachedwa ndisalowe,”6th tweeted.

We wait for Van Damme’s side of story . But if 6th is saying the truth- then it’s a bad look for Mr Solomoni. What a week!


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