About Us

MRB Entertainment is a popular social media youth initiative founded in 2013 to provide a platform for up and coming artists to promote their music. It started as a Facebook group where people used to share music, rap battle and tips on music. The founders are young college students with dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs through this venture.

The platform grew in popularity as such it was transformed into one of the most vibrant pages in Malawi. The page provides entertainment news, music reviews and promotions.

 Despite having no sponsor the page has more than 26, 000 followers on Facebook and twitter. MRB Entertainment has grown into admiration as one of the most reliable entertainment news outlets due to its groundbreaking reporting.

It is from this background that the organization decided to expand its horizons and turn this into a profitable organization as it is operating this website and Recording Studio MRB Records in Blantyre, Chichiri.