By Chigomezgo Ngulube..

Following the remarks made by the minister of information, Gospel Kazako on his twitter handle, I find it intriguing to explore this topic.

Malawi government has over the years had little involvement with the music industry.

The recent appointment of an advisor of arts and youth to the president only represents a glime of hope. However, more needs to be done with several players in the sector calling for the establishment of a Council of Arts.

1. How can the Government and the Cooperate World invest in the Industry? >> Infrastructure:This include the building of venues which are capable of hosting big shows.

Let’s take Mzuzu, apart from the stadium which other venue can host a high profile show? >> Establishing regulations to protect the value of music and a fair digital market place.

This will ensure that musicians are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. >> Establishing effective music education programs and proper structures where music can be learnt professionally.Apart from Crossroads Music School do we have others?

2-What are the RETURNS from the INDUSTRY to the ECONOMY.

Tourism Development: Music tourism can generate millions of Kwacha’s if effectively managed. This is through different music festivals which happen annually in our country.

This includes, Lake of Stars, the Sand Music Festival and Blantyre Arts Festival. For example, 35% of the attendees at the 2018 Lake of Stars festival came from overs

Jobs: The music industry can generate a lot of jobs.

It creates jobs for Journalists, Publishers as well as managers. Hence, in accordance with the government dream of creating a million jobs per year, this can be the way to go.

Revenues and Foreign Currency: In 2018, Lake of Stars generated an estimated £1.6 million into the economy.

Clearly a vibrant Music Industry has a vital role in the functioning of the

However pability to be the next foreign currency earner like tobacco? Share your thoughts…

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