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Eli Njuchi plunders K4,000,000.00 for Poly Needy Students

It never rains but pours in the Malawian showbiz circles.

This morning, our entertainment news desk received sickening reports from the Polytechnic. It is alleged that the Polytechnic Students Union paid Eli Njuchi a whopping K4,000,000.00 for his performance at the college.

This has angered a majority of Polytechnic needy students who are on the verge of dropping out due to financial problems.

“The money could have been used better… Maybe bail out one needy or two” complained Maganizo Nenani Boyson, a first year Engineering student.

Fans on Twitter hit a brick wall when they requested a response from the Zitheke star. MRB will reach out to Eli Njuchi to hear his side of the story.

Harvey Mzati

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