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Exciting twists in Zathu pa Wailesi Season 7

The first episode of Zathu pa Wailesi season 7 has finally hit the airwaves on 5th October.

Premiered on MBC Radio 2, Season 7 presented an exciting twist with the introduction of Aunt Nelly as agony aunt.

Aunt Nelly takes up the role of answering some of the most pressing questions that young people send her and offers friendly advice and practical guides.

In her remarks, Zathu Band member, Chikondi confirmed that there is an exciting twist in Season 7 with the introduction of Aunt Nelly.

The Timve Kwa Inu section carries different conversations around seeking the right healthcare information and sharing the benefits of open conversations with their friends as
they are growing up.

Season 7 continues with the exciting storylines as the Zathu band characters continue on their journeys of self-discovery while channelling their own strengths, growing through their challenges and supporting each other as friends, but also as a band.

“Season 7 continues to zone in on Chikondi’s relationship with Avocado as they settle in their relationship despite their challenges in the beginning with Chikondi unsure of her feelings for Avocado and questioning his intentions for her,” said one of Zathu Band members, JP.

He added, “Chikondi and Avocado’s love story has reached new heights, but not without its own challenges both from within themselves and the people around them.

“Will Chikondi find the answers to the questions she is seeking? Who will she turn to for answers to some of the most pressing questions she has never confronted before? How does the rest of the band support her in her new quest for information as they also attempt to grow their music and take career to beyond Mamzoli?”

JP has further encouragef fellow youths to tune in to Season 7 to find out more.

As always, the youthful Zathu presenters C-Zee and Dj Goxy travel around Malawi to meet different young Malawians as they learn about Season 7 and share their inspiring stories with the duo.

And the cherry on top is another smashing competition where young people will have a chance to win many wonderful prizes.

Tune in to MBC radio 2 on Monday at 3.30pm, repeat Saturday at 5pm
and YONECO FM, Wednesday 3.30pm, repeat Saturday at 4.30pm.

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