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The name Mazani might be new to most of us, but I can assure you this won’t be the last time you hear of it as well.

Mazani whose real name is Chifuniro Kasiya when asked about his Musical background, states that he has never been in a Choir which is the case with most Musicians.

“Its self taught really. Its funny how I never performed at talent shows back in secondary school. I started recording and now it has been 2 years since then,” he narrates.

Blantyre based singer who recently released his single “Muse” says he describes his music as simply Art. Commenting on this, he said “two months ago I would identify myself as an Afro artist but right now I do not want to put myself in a Box, I am just making whatever I feel like making at that particular moment.”

Mazani has been realising singles, but if there is a single you have to listen by all means its “Aura”. The instrumentation is acoustic. The smooth guitar rhythms from the start of the song to the end captures the heart and the attention of the listener, Mazani in a smooth voice sing on the chorus;
” I’m missing your Aura……
I’m incomplete without your touch
Now am missing your Aura…..” The chorus goes…

The singer who has no major collection with his name on it says he is planning of releasing an EP this year.

“I’m working on one (EP), I have been recording now pafupi pafupi, as much as I can. I initially planned for October, but with everything going on right now , It Might be ready by November or December,” he told us.

Mazani might not be on your playlist today, he might not be one of your favourite singers at the moment, but with the kind of music he is making, it’s just a Matter of Time.

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