Electronic and Dance Music (EDM) is a genre of music largely produced for music festivals, clubs and raves (Wikipedia).

This genre was popularised by the likes of Daft Punk, The Phoenix and Tiesto in the early 2000’s.

EDM although not popular in Malawi and Africa at most, by late 2011, it was described as the fastest growing genre in the world by Music Trades.

Before the release of “Somewhere in Africa” EP, Malawi had never witnessed a compilation of songs like this from one of its own.

Even Sonye himself stayed quiet without any major project since 2011, a sign of respect to what was to come, the first ever all EDM track list in Malawi. Somewhere in Africa Ep, opened our eyes to the capabilities we have amidst our producers and our ears enjoyed the mood changing vibes of EDM from right here in Nyasaland.

“I didn’t box myself to create sounds just for Malawi but for the whole world”, Sonye is quoted saying in one of the local papers.

True to his words, sounds in the EP were not recorded with only Malawi in mind.

This piece of art is a Classic, a foundation for everyone who has ever thought of producing EDM songs.

In this EP Sonye goes away from his usual “Champweteka chimanga” rhythm and embraced the EDM sounds with traditional drums and melodies heard in some songs such as Hanzi Bomu Bomu.

Listening to “Kondwera” you will be encouraged to work hard although things are not as smooth as you might have wished, a message common in EDM songs.

Most EDM songs have no actual singing, though there are some with vocals. This is seen through out the EP, starting with “No one”, “Attitude”, “Fix” and “Somewhere in Africa” which features Tuno, Teddy, Kim respectively.

Speaking with honest, I know there is still a long way to go for EDM to be accepted in our society, but “Somewhere in Africa” EP, has started the rolling machine of something new and good.

This EP is simply magic, an EDM masterpiece from the Warmheart.

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