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Namadingo Acts as “statue” to fundraise money

The celebrated musician in the country Patience Namadingo is today Tuesday doing fundraising activity for a musical student William Kachigamba for his medical expenses to Zambia, as he was diagnosed with cancer.

Namadingo is fundraising by acting as a statue at Mahatma Gandhi proposed statue site in Blantyre.

Namadingo is set to fundraise over K3 million for four days.

However, the fundraising activity started abit late, as it was awaiting to be cleared by the Blantyre City Council. This did not go well with Namadingo who wrote on his Facebook page complaining about the Council’s conduct.

He said: ” Four days going to Blantyre City Council to ask for their help to issue us a permit to start our fundraising. And the response is. ?

“We Will Come Back To You. Up to four days ? Yesterday the response was The Boss is busy.

And today we are on site but cant start before we get a clearance,” lamented Namadingo.

The money is being sent via Airtel money, TNM Mpamba and Bank accounts.

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