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Fame is good. Being famous for possessing some rap or singing talent is even better. If nurtured well, fame can open doors of fortune and influence. Look at Piksy. With his talent, he has had a fair share of deals and opportunities. He has been an ambassador of big brands. Headlined big shows.

Look at Fredokiss. A UNICEF Ambassador. NBS Ambassador. Huge huge deals. And there are some other perks that follow fame. I will dwell much on component— women.

Some women are drawn to famous people. Some women easily give up the cookie to famous rods. Some women want to be associated with famous people. Its natural. Its understandable. But there is a dangerous breed of women called groupies.

These women are specialists of banging famous people. They are always on a quest to bag a famous artist. They smell fame…Voila!!! Cookie is open for business. Now the problem with most of these groupies is that their cookies have been passed around like a hood blunt. In the course, these groupies come with STIs and unfortunately, AIDS.

Most of our artists are usually romantically rigid. And when they blow up so fast, they want to explore and inject their juices to every movable object in a skirt. Danger! Look at the women that most of artists date; they are usually the same women. Puff puff! Faaa Faaa! Pass!

Its quite saddening when you see an artist contract these s_xually transmitted diseases because of fame. Fame is good . It can also be costly.

Upcoming artist. Listen and listen well if you could. Be wary of these groupies.

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