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Tereza’s Dream Entertainment Releases All We Have Is Us Movie Soundtrack And Trailer

Tereza’s Dream Entertainment has released a soundtrack and trailer for “All We Have Is Us” movie.

The production team has decided to release the soundtrack to create a sort of hype and give fans an idea of what is coming.

Titled “Call Me”, the soundtrack features C-Scripture, Tsar Leo and Spokesman.

Writer and Director, Ashukile Mwakisulu explains: “The soundtrack and trailer will act as a teaser. It is a good film and I hope the audience will love it. We are definitely heading in the right direction as far as filmmaking is concerned.

He adds: “We wanted the song to be contemporary with an African touch to it. I was talking to C Scripture at that time and I happened to ask him if he could do a song for us. He just had the perfect beat for it. With Tsar Leo and Spokesman, it just got even better. The whole team was happy with it.

“Call me” was produced and mixed by Tsar Leo and C-Scripture.

The soundtrack was premiered on MBC’s Made On Monday show hosted by Joy Nathu.

In his remarks, C-Scripture says: “It’s amazing doing a soundtrack to a movie. I’m excited because it also opens up my music to a whole new spectrum of listeners. A whole new audience.”

“All We Have Is Us” was written and directed by Ashukile Mwakisulu.

The storyline was developed by Ashukile Mwakisulu and Priscilla Gondwa.

The storyline was actually inspired by events that were happening in “Choices” TV series.

The production team decided to do a film based on one of the characters in “Choices” TV series, Elsie. The film mainly revolves around Elsie.

“All We Have Is Us” started shooting in August 2019 and completed around mid 2020.

“It has taken a bit of time because of financial challenges. We did not have a steady budget and we shot only when funds permitted.

“I have been writing and producing “Choices” since 2015 so I thought of taking a new challenge hence coming up with an idea of doing a feature film,” Mwakisulu reveals.

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