By Saidi Winnes.

The leadership of Mighty Wanderers Central Region Executive Committee under its Chairperson Rodrick Chitedze has suspended Area 22 Zone in Lilongwe on allegations that it has not abided by the order from the Excutive Committee last week.

Reports are saying that last week the Excutive Committee received a message of funeral from two zones such as,Area 23 and Area 22 zones and it resolved that Area 22 should take its utensils and other necessities and join those in Area 23 funeral, ignoring the other funeral, a development that irritated Area 22 Zone members hence not following the Excutive Committee order then they went ahead to attend the burial ceremony of the funeral of the relative of their member in Area 22.

According to a source who reported on the condition of anonymity confirmed the development saying that area 22 Zone saw it unethical to leave the funeral of one of their members and attend the funeral of the other zone in area 23.

” as per culture we’re supposed to mourn the neighbour before we go to other funeral because leaving this funeral would mean unethical” he said.

Afterwards, the Excutive Committee visited the berieved families and compensated each with 55,000 and then they convened a meeting which transpired that area 22 Zone should pay a fine of k17,500, a development that made the members to refuse paying the fine saying that they are innocent but only that they wanted to show up to a funeral that were very close to them than that were too far from them.

The Executive Committee seeing that the members are not paying the fine they resolved to suspend the Zone and has since banned it from doing anything regarding Mighty Wanderers.

After some hours,some members of the area 22 Zone were removed in the CREC whatsapp group only leaving one member.

As per order a member is supposed to be compensated with 120,000.

Today area 22 Zone members met at Kafulu primary school to discuss on the way forward after their unceremonious dismissal and they have agreed to maintain the group so as to show the Executive Committe that they are not supporting Wanderers Football Club because of them but due to passion and love with the team.

Efforts to solicit views from one of the Excutive Committee members proved futile as they were unavailable on the line.

Meanwhile Wanderers Football Club is experiencing financial constraints after Beforward company terminating its sponsorship last year in December.

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