Hearing the name Theo Thompson today, some will wonder who is this person? For some it will evoke memories of the early years when the urban music industry was gaining popularity in the country.


Memories of hit songs such as “Kutentha” and “So amazing” which enjoyed massive airplay inboth public and private owned radio stations. Memories of a man who to me rebranded the R&B urban genre in Malawi.

Theo Thompson who released his debut album “Gypsy” in 2010, is also the owner and founder of the Blantyre based Matalala Records. Soon after arriving in the country, he quickly formed the now disbanded “Gypsy crew”.

Him as a leader of the crew, he took under his wings members of the crew and gave them exposure, one worth noting is Yesaya Nkhwazi, who is now a celebrated Music Producer, Singer and songwriter.

He came to Malawi when the industry was barely recognised internationally.

The industry was full of low quality music videos which could not meet the required standards to be played on popular international music Channels such as Channel O.

I remember the first time I watched Malawian music videos like ” Moto” by Tay Grin and “Stutter” on Channel O, I felt the achievement the industry made then. It was not a victory for them only to celebrate but the whole industry, finally we were taking strides in the right direction. Malawi was put on the map.

Frankly speaking, Theo Thompson is one of those artist in Malawi who have remained relevant and true to their music style over the years. Since linking with Producer Leumas, his songs has added that unique touch of a base guitar, which has branded his music now and has that Malawian feel.

Knowing a complete musician has to know how to handle hisbusiness on stage, Theo Thompson is one of those whose stage act never disappoints.

His stage performance is always lively, his dance moves, the dancing crew, all act in a professional manner. No doubt Theo deserves a special place in the industry and no wonder he once filled the Robbins park to its capacity.

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