Art is personal. An analysis by Harvey Banda aka Lobobeats on why duos, bands or groups don’t last long

Artistic ego is one of the reasons why groups don’t survive in the music business. Constant disputes normally arise on song concepts, image and the general direction of the group. Atambala awiri sakhalira khola limodzi.

When finances start to trickle in and fame takes centre stage, more friction comes to play. These create a room for envy especially when one member of the group is more popular or is benefiting more financially.

Fans worsen the situation by drawing comparisons on two balls hanging by a thread. The less popular member will try his level best to prove to the world that he is equally talented.End result: band kugawana zida basi.

One common aspect across bands or groups that stand the test of time is that each member is uniquely talented from the other. For instance, ma blacks have Anjiru a very talented vocalist who is miles ahead of the other members when it comes to vocals while Chizondi and Peter Amidu are keyboard and guitar specialists respectively. If these guys were all vocalists the band wouldn’t have survived this long.

That being said a group limits your capabilities as an artist. Artistic expression doesn’t work well in a controlled or limited environment. Consequently, most artists with big visions will break away in order to gain artistic freedom.

Harvey Mzati

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