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Atoti Manje tops the royalties list

Atoti Manje has bagged K2.1 Million in royalties from COSOMA.

Cosoma executive director, Dora Makwinja, said the royalties are “for the blank media levy category for the period of July to December 2020 and go to the sectors of music and film.

This means Atoti has been the most played artist on radio, Tv and digital platforms in the aforementioned period.

Other artists to bag 1 million plus in royalties are Martse, Gwamba, Saint-Realest, Janta, Macelba Marley, Wikise1992 and Kell Kay.

The highest receiver of royalties in film is Aaron Chambo. He has received K1.8 million in the film industry.

Harvey Mzati

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