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Baseline Music is back with new frontline

Malawi’s strictly acclaimed recording label, Baseline Music is back again with a new frontline.

Young Kay (now known as Hyphen), Barry Uno, Sonyezo, Harry B, these are only a few of the names that went through the doors of Baseline studio, but the list could extended further to include the numerous other acts that worked with the duo, Sonyezo and Pempho Kafoteka “P on the Board“. This was before the time the guys went their separate ways and Pempho migrated to South Africa in 2012 where he now resides and runs his own Digital E-commerce Agency, but the remnants of the duo’s hard work such as Young Kay’s “First Impression” still lives on.

Now it’s 2021 and a new era, Pempho wants to resurrect the movement again, working with the old roster as well as introducing some new names. “I might have retired in 2012, but really I have always been there, silently working in the background and helping other acts with their craft,” said Pempho. “Recently, I worked with Rashley Mw for his Ndidzasangalala track – after having come across it on YouTube I reached out to him and we did the promo run with that. I have also worked with artists Episodz_mw and Fredokiss, along a list of other people that might have asked for my input and advice” – Pempho.

Questioning why now he would want to resurrect Baseline, he said: “Mainly it’s for passion. I look at the industry now and think of how we might have done things a little different if we had started our movement now and what our sound would be like. That’s why I reached out to Mfumu Hyphen and Barry Uno.

About some of the new acts that are being listed to Baseline Pempho added: “Some names might not be new, but along with I also have a project slated with Lilia and Base Cube. I actually heard of Base Cube from Harry B who also used to be in Baseline, and I liked his sound and movement, so we are definitely planning on doing a lot with him. I believe he embodies the new spirit of the new movement without sacrificing his skills”.

Base Cube: “I knew about Baseline back in the days and every song that had a “P on the Board” on it was a smash. The day this dude texted me and said we should start working together, the conversation we had and the ideas he told me about were amazing, I definitely told myself that these are the type of people I need in my career”.

Barry Uno: “Baseline is just a different vibe, there is so much teamwork and the effort put in by everyone is amazing, so motivating to work as hard to have a great product or outcome. There is always a need to have a theme before a project is worked on, so a lot of things are discussed before work commences, the aim, objective and what impact is targeted. I learned so much from Baseline, I grew as an artist because of Baseline, and till today, I’m still learning more from the teammates.

I’m honored to be part of this family, they do not hesitate to criticize when they feel I’m going the wrong way so that is love right there”.

The first planned projects to be released from Baseline are by Barry Uno, followed by releases from Hyphen, Lilia, Base Cube and Slessor



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