It is high time up-coming artists positioned themselves for success in today’s music industry. Well, how would one give a better chance of emerging out from the crowd then? Here are 7 basic tips to make sure your hard work pays off.

1. Get to know yourself: As an artiste the first step is to define who you are. You can wish to be Chavura or Suffix for example,   but there can only be one Chavula in this whole universe. You should first know who you truly are and be clear on how you would want to be perceived by fans. Many times, artiste’s image is related to their target audience. It all starts there

2. Stay well connected with fans: Building a strong rapport with your fans is pivotal to your success as a stand-alone artist.  To grow and expand your fan base you’ll need to connect well with your listeners both online and in person. Osamazifira mobhowa. Reply to and interact with a fan who mentions you in their social media posts.  If someone compliments your track – thank them! Chill as often as possible and in plenty of different locations. If you ever have a chance to get on to a stage make it a thrilling one. A stage performance is a great way to expose an artist and win over new fans and keep your current ones happy. Impress on stage and make sure the audience remembers you.

3. Identify your strengths: Know your strengths and build yourself around them. If for example, stage presence is your strong suit, you could try and find a residency at a local venue. A regular stage slot puts your music in front of new people now and then, and earns you extra cash for your career.

4. Be visible and available: Many artistes think that the fans do not like them while in real sense they don’t even know you exist. Have a bio where people can access details about you and your songs. Work with promoters to get your name out there.  Such potential websites as the Malawi Rap Battle ( ) are a better platform to market yourself massively.

5. Believe in yourself: It all should begin with you. You must be your own biggest fan.  You must adore your music or whatever product and believe your brand is priceless. Don’t just sit there waiting for a miracle to happen. Make sure before others start to embrace you, you must believe in yourself first. Positive self-esteem is gold.

6. Recognize your motivation: Know why you’re in for music. Either for fun, money or fame, or all of the above.  You should know what you want to achieve in your music career. That way, it will be apparent in your mind what really motivates you.

7. Be unique: What makes you stand out from the rest. Your lyrical content, delivery and style matters. It is what keeps people thinking about your music and loving it more.

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