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Dare Devilz for life lives up to the concept

By Harold Kapindu..

Its been a long time coming and almost everybody had their own preconceived notions, or rather expectations on the newly released Dare Devilz for life album.

Nonetheless, what most people overlooked was the Dare Devilz sound, album concept as well as their alter egos, what most “Holier than thou” Malawians think upon hearing the name “Dare Devilz”.

Being a legendary rap group, Hip Hop heads expected the Boom Bap sound while casual listeners expected the trending Trap genre.

On the other hand, believers expected what the duo had been rapping on featured gospel songs, hoping that maybe the boys have switched to gospel music. Please, be reminded that these were features. These were never their concepts.

Listening to the album, I have been impressed with how Dare Devilz kept it in the family and managed to stick to the “For Life” underlying concept that the group feels their craft will immortalise them.

Besides B1, who we still don’t know whether is part of the group or not, the album features Nepman, the first artist to be signed under Lo Budget Records and Kumbu who was also once signed to the label.

Further, the album features one of their cousins, Sidiq as well as Phyzix who has been close to the group since “Cholapitsa” days.

On beats and production, the duo managed to maintain the Dare Devilz sound that resonates with most Malawi urban music fans. Only a few producers, Dr Dre, Swizz Beats just to mention but a few, have managed to create and maintain their sound.

On lyrics and delivery, the Dare Devilz are unapologetic when it comes to explicit lyrics. Whether they are being conscious, romantic or violent, Dare Devilz always paint a vivid picture with no half measures.

The lyrical delivery is eloquent and precise. This is undebatable.

Lastly on a lighter note, the duo showed consistency on intro and skits themes as evidenced in “Another Public Service Announcement” and “Sister Mary”.

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