“I STAND WITH MADE CEE”- Media Mogul Kelvin Sulugwe Writes

We dont take people’s complaints seriously until they commit suicide…Sometimes, just sometime, listen to people and take some time to reflect situations before your verdicts.

The boy Made Cee went to Namadingo to seek music direction and help, but it was decided he gets school help, something he had already failed before turning to talent.And this did not happen in silence, it was all over social media, taking him from shop to shop, introducing him to life that they knew would be temporary.Most of you have never tested fame. You have no idea what it feels like to walk down the streets and hear people whisper your name in admiration.

Again, only few understand what it means to walk down the same streets and hear people whisper your downfall and failure.This boy was introduced to a luxury life and to a life of cameras. His face and story was used for charity and PR stunts. He had quite a story. Namadingo benefited from that story. It pushed his public image and even contributed to him being awarded that honorary ‘Dr.’ title.

Now the boy speaks out on failed dreams, you are here accusing him of being ungrateful, to what? Is it not his face and story that was used to paint those helping him as “Good people, with a heart to help?”

On smoking part, has he started that now? Did you not observe it from the very same beginning?Sending a boy to school with a clause that if he fails that school then he won’t be helped musically was a scam in itself. You gave the boy a limelight and took it away for failing something he is not good at. Something we all knew he would fail.

You rich people are damn clever. You know how to defeat the poor.Against his will and capabilities, you have tried school, it failed. Now try what he yearns for and something he is capable of. Don’t insult the boy.

Give him what he is good at. Dont just use his poverty

MRB Reporter

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