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Is Hazel Mak the new Martse?

Martse is notoriously known for his no nonsense attitude when it comes to internet trolls and haters. Martse has been known of taking every fan or page head on when they try to spit dirt on his name.

He will go at all lengths to defend his name even to the point of cussing out a few of his fans. Fans have understandably gotten used to this and are not shocked when Martse throws in a phuzo or two in moments of heated argument.

After all Martse is Martse.However, it seems the “No F***’s Given” gang has found a new player in Hazel Mak. Hazel Mak seems to be tired of acting all cool when trolls wanna make fun of her personality, music and family. She has been recently seen in heated arguments with internet bullies and she doesn’t easily backdown once they get on her wrong foot.

This is strange mostly because celebrities of her calibre are advised not to stoop so low as to fight with fans/haters after all these kind of people are after attention.

Whatever the consequences this attitude might have on her brand, it seems Hazel is ready to take the bull by the horns and put the keyboard gangsters in their rightful places. She now joins the company of Martse, Lucius Banda and Dan Lu in not entertaining bullshit from fans, gossip sites and paparazzi. In simple Chichewa, Hezelo sakugawa ma sweet.

Harvey Mzati

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