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It never rains but pours for rapper cum blogger Evanz Music who has been blasted by veteran RnB/afropop artist Kell Kay.

Evans made a post criticising Kell Kay’s new song ” Mayo Mayo”. In his post Evanz highlighted that Kell Kay wanted to make the backing vocals sound like Asake.

” I know the problem; the back up vocalist was no other than Charisma- Kukopela kwa vuta apa,” his post read.

The post prompted a rare response from Kell Kay. Kell Kay doubled down on the artist who self styles himself as Ras.

” Nyimbo ukulimbana nayoyo will be all over Malawi,” Kellz fired.

Kellz further went on to ask why Ras keeps on criticising his work . He also highlighted that Evanz has done nothing for the music industry & that even his family do not know that he raps.

” Lero ndakuyankhulila galu iweo chifukwa umalimbana ndanzako kumaona ngati muli level imodzu koma mulibe chilichonse. Uzipanga zako galu iwe, ” Kell Kay fired conclusively.

Kell Kays response seemed to not have moved Evanz who retaliated with a silly dig.

” Ras ingolira. Chakuyima pa khositu,” Evanz replied.

Charisma also replied on the post saying that Evanz should come and perform at his verandah!

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