Krazie G

This guy is one of the most creative rappers in this country. And the good thing is that he is very likeable. Krazie G si wa ndewu kwenikweni. He lives a life of his own.

Kumwa mowa basi aliphee kwinaku vephi ikutani? ikuyenda. One thing that i have always said is that the guy underutilizes his talent. When was the last time that he released a track? Kalekaletu.

And what does he do on his socials? Nothing. Krazie G is wasting his talent guys. This mafaka ought ti be out there giving us songs, doing features and shit. Ine nsaname, zimandinyasa.I can bet you kuti in Mdubz munomo, there are very few people that can go toe to toe with that nigga Krazie G.

I hope you reading this man. You are a f***cking talent that needs no wastage. Krazie G axse , please utilise your talent and we will support you in any form and matter.

MRB Reporter

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