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Malinga Mafia is on an all time low!!!

After years of dominating the game, it seems the tables have now turned. Renowned dancehall kingpin Malinga Mafia is currently facing massive pressure for the dancehall crown. Rastar Bwoy Chizmo Njuchi is slowly creeping up the ladder for the top spot.

Malinga Mafia’s story started from very bottom. From being the rejected stone in Mabilinganya empire to becoming the dancehall cornerstone in the country. Along the way he has bagged a multitude of awards and cemented his status as a modern era dancehall legend.

However, it is now becoming hard for him to replicate the form of his prime years (2013 to 2019. In this era every song he jumped on turned gold. His magic is slowly fading and he has started to feel the pressure from rookies like Chizmo and ELI Njuchi who have brought fresh styles in the game.

Malinga’s latest release “cant style a gennah” is a kick from a dying horse. This is the guy who spent his whole career saying “diss mi nuh respond”… And now he’s going after someone’s album???? It seems he is a shadow of his former self.

How the mighty have fallen 😭

Analysis by Harvey Banda aka #Lobobeats

Harvey Mzati

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