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Martse spits fire on baby mama (Screen Shots)

Celebrated rapper Martse broke the internet last night when he brought his laundry to the public. The rapper was pissed by his baby mama who keeps asking for child support while denying him to see his child.

Screenshot below shows Anna, the baby mama requesting K70,000.00 for clothes and shoes and Martse demanded to meet his daughter first before sending. In anger, further on went on to Twitter to curse the baby and her entire family.

Martse has never met his daughter who is four years as the baby mama call him childish and a mere sperm donor. Their social media wars keep resurfacing. Not a long time ago Martse posted “I love my daughter but not the mother”.

Martse is going through a lot.. Let’s pray that they resolve this amicably. Parents from both sides should sit down and map the way forward. Emotions shouldn’t crowd the baby mama’s judgement. Her daughter needs her father..

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