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Clarion is a gospel Hip-Hop artist from the northern region district of Kalonga. The Christian rapper recently released a single a new single “Vessel Piece” which is currently enjoying airplay on “Life Rap” program on radio 2 and has received an overwhelming response from gospel Hip-Hop followers in the country. We caught up with him to learn more about his music.

Q. Clarion? How did you come with this name?
A. Got it from a dictionary. I was probably searching something about school when I came across it. So I loved its meaning and I could not resist but pick it.

Q. What is the meaning of the name Clarion?
A. It has two meanings I am aware of. First it means loud and clear and the other they say its a musical instrument that sounds like a piano.

Q. So who can you say Clarion is?
A. Clarion is a 21 year old Christian rapper, from Kalonga-Lilongwe based. A third year student at LUANAR, Bunda campus, pursuing his degree in economics.

Q. How did you find yourself making music?
A. My start of making music can be rooted in my love for music generally. I love listening to music a lot, especially gospel Hip-Hop and before I started doing rap, I have ever sung in choir both at church and SCOM (School). Then from nowhere I started writing rap verses, in 2015 I decided to try recording, it all went good and I was excited about it. Coming in 2016, after writting my form four exams I did my first single “We gon’ reign”.

Q. Did you always see yourself as a christian rapper?
A. Yeah, right from the start. I think its cause I was exposed to Gospel rap earlier in my life, so I was amused to see how creative the gospel rappers were and I wanted to do the same. So i went for it until it became part of me.

Q. Are you a born again Christian?
A. Yes I am, got born again in 2013.

Q. What does it really mean to be a gospel rapper, how can you differentiate yourself from other rappers?
A. Okay, being a gospel rapper is more like a ministry to me, like I am preaching the gospel of Christ through my music which is part of Gods God’s for me. While other rappers, I would say it is about the industry where the main aim is to make money out of it or become famous.

Q. Who inspired you to do ‘Holy Rap’?
A. Locally, it is Suffix and on international level, it is Leclae and Flame. Both are gospel artist too.

Q. How can you describe your rap style?
A. Okay, if you listen to my songs, especially the latest ‘Vessel Piece’, you wi notice that my rap style is unique. In a way that I switch flows on almost every four bars. I can go melodic and hardcore on the same verse.

Q. Tell us more about “Vessel Piece”, what’s the message in the song?
A. Basically, the song talks about the relationship i have with God; that is my identity in him and the life I live now. Like my life its all about God and only him.

Q. How has the response been so far?
A. They have been supportive and encouraging all the times. The feedback I get after releasing any song is way bigger than anticipated. As a matter of fact, this inspires me to keep doing what I am doing and I really appreciate people who love and follow my music.

Q. When should we expect another single from you?
A. I have started working on an EP right now, so i will decide wether to release any single off the EP or the whole project at once. That is, when its done, probably early next year or this year end.

Q. Have you named the EP already?
A. I have, “The Love of God” but its not final. I might play with the words but the main concept is talking about God’s Love.

Q. Why have you dwelled on this Concept?
A. I have dwelled on this concept because many gospel artists don’t sing about it. I want to portray how deep, amazing and unconditional God’s Love is on us because I think most people don’t know how much God love us.

Q. Do you think your music is having the impact you would love it to have on people?
A. Not as much as I want it to have but i think I am getting there.

Q. Who would you like to collaborate with if you had a chance to choose?
A. Liwu and Luki 24/7, these are the first two artists I would love to do a collaboration with.

Q.Going forward, what should people expect from Clarion?
A. People should expect a lot from me. I ain’t even close to where I wanna be with my music, so more good music on the way. Talking about projects, a couple of albums on the way too, just music after music and I won’t disappoint.

That’s how i talked with Clarion, the up and coming Gospel hip hop artist, we all got look out for..

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