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Namadingo Eyes CHANCO

Popular musician cum philanthropist Patience Namadingo has expressed interest to pursue a degree in Arts at the University of Malawi. This was through a letter he penned to the tertiary institutions’ management. The artist has taken this step as a stepping stone to life after music. This was upon recognition that he will not always be famous and thus he might need a degree in his future endeavors.

The decision has received mixed reactions from the general public. While others are in support others have questioned Namadingo’s credentials. The bone of contention is on the artist’s qualifications and application procedure. His critiques have argued that he ought to wait for the University to open application for undergraduate programs and go through the screening process like anyone else.

Supporters of the Mapulani hit maker have urged the artist to pursue his dream as everything is possible. Some have even gone a step further to argue that Chanco’s music department would benefit to have an artist of Patience’s caliber in their classroom walls as none of their graduates go on to make a career in music.

Namadingo and his team visited Chanco on 2nd September where they had meetings with members of the Music department. A lot of issues were discussed ranging from branding to music well-being.

We are curious to know whether this is a sign that Namadingo might be admitted to the institution. MRB will closely follow this story.

Harvey Mzati

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