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Namadingo hits K3 million+ in act as statue fundraising

Musician Patience Namadingo yesterday accomplished his dreams to raise over K3 million for a young music student William Kachigamba for his medical expenses to Zambia after being diagnosed with Cancer.

Speaking after the fundraising, at Mahatma Gandhi proposed statue site in Blantyre, where Namadingo posed on the site as a statue for about seven hours, Namadingo revealed that by 6:30PM he had already hit K3 million. However, he said he was surprised when his Manager Peter Mazunda told him that he has received a text message from the State President Lazarus Chakwera that he will bail out additional money.

“I have just received a great news from my Manager, telling me that Mr President Lazarus Chakwera telling him(manager) that you(Namadingo) can now get out of that place that he will fund the rest of the balance. Well, the good note is that we have passed the K3 million but am sure that they will steal need help, they will still need food, they will still need alot of things.

“So thank you Mr President i know you are going to work on this part,” said Namadingo.

Namadingo also thanked all the people who rendered help by bringing forward the donations. Both locally and abroad.

Many people on social media have described Namadingo as a brave, loving and talented artist in the country for braving the sun to spend the whole day on the ground by just drinking water without eating.

One of the Facebook followers, Lusungu K Gondwe commented: “If we can all have such heart we would not need send William to Zambia but he would have received the treatment here. Let us learn something, money goes but love and our works is what remain the day we die. God bless you Patience and all who contributed the money.”

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