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New movie on the land

By Misheck Msumba

What can be described as a renaissance of Malawi’s movie industry, multiple movie writers have risen in the country who have been coming up with a spectrum of Malawi’s movies.

After the famous Fatsani Movie, now it is another movie on the land which has been titled “Sorry To Mother,” whose writer is Brazio Kany’ongo, a Lilongwe based actor and movie writer.

Speaking in an interview with this publication, Kany’ongo said the movie is scheduled to be out in February next year, but prior to the official release, the movie will be premiered in Lilongwe.

He said: “The movie will be out in February next year, but this December we will have a premier in Lilongwe.”

He also added that they will be releasing a theme song for the movie next week.

According to Kany’ongo, the movie talks about a young man who grew up with unemployed and single poor mother. When he became successful, he had forgotten all the care and support he got from his mother. However, misfortune followed him.

So what are those misfortunes that followed him,? well, let us all watch this movie, which will be premiered in Lilongwe this coming December and also uploaded on an official YouTube of Magic Promotions Company when it is officially out.

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