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Of Onesimus, Namadingo, Maskal

Arts and entertainment pundit and writer, Tendai Malata popularly known as Ten May in social media circles, recently likened Malawi urban music to politics.

He argues that urban music is dominated by the same artists who keep recycling themselves under the guise of rebranding.

In addition, recycled musicians work in isolation as they don’t explore the potential of budding artists and other players.

He further argues that this section of artists support those within their circle using social media fan base hence their impact is huge.

Ten May’s arguments or rather observations come hot on the heels of the new releases from Onesimus, Namadingo and

These three heavyweights created a social media storm as they released their respective singles on Monday this week.

Besides the music, Namadingo’s purported migration to Zambia, citing hate from Malawians as one of the reasons behind his move prompted Malawians to react angrily.

On the other hand, Onesimus recently landed himself an ambassadorship deal with Amaryllis Hotel and announced a homecoming concert.

While Maskal is making a comeback after years in hiatus.

Their releases during this period was pertinent as they are currently trending and their respective fans are hungry for new music.

However, the new songs have received mixed reactions. Others argue that Onesimus’ Maria feat Vusi Nova can not surpass “Solomoni” Namadingo’s “Sakaka” can not surpass “Mapulani” while Maskal’s “Samadziwa” has not lived up to the hype.

Despite the criticisms, their respective staunch fans are still unmoved, counter arguing every criticism levelled against their favorite artist.

Whatever the case, good music speaks for itself. Good music should be supported at all times.

Artists should be encouraged for job well done and criticized constructively when they release trash. Whether you like or dislike an artist, your constructive criticism will build them and the industry as a whole.

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