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Usauver is the new Tikuferanji

90’s babies will agree with me that when MBC was still TVM there were three soapies that kept us glued to the TV. These were Passion’s, Super Story and to he locally produced Tikuferanji.

Tikuferanji was so big that it dominated the game for almost a decade. During its peak it was banned on National TV for its hard hitting topics. The likes of Ma Sikono, Manganya, Winiko and Nanyoni cemented their statuses as drama legends through the Tikuferanji series.

Piksy , Sangie and company seem set to takeover from Tikuferanji through their Usauver series. This is a fresh, creative drama series tackling issues most Malawians can relate to. The storyline is centred around Piksy’s character Ngozo and his wife Sangie. These two have an on screen chemistry like that of Brad Pitt and Angelina in Mr and Mrs Smith. What sets this apart from other Malawian productions is that the actors (actresses) do not try hard to be funny. The acting is so authentic that you forget that the main actors are musicians. The episodes of the series are distributed via Facebook and YouTube.

My plea goes to the corporate world to support this initiative and in turn push their brands as well. For the mainstream media houses looking to boost their viewership, this is one show they need to get hold of.

To the Usauver crew… Keep up the good work.


Harvey Mzati

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