Young Kay The Legend

In 2010, the brand Young Kay was selling like hot cakes.

Songs like Anankabango, Kuusumana and Photobook were buzzing in the airwaves like bees in the mating season.

During the same period, Big Brother Africa was the “talk of the town” in terms of reality shows in Africa. During each eviction show an artist from any of the participating countries was invited to entertain the audience.

This was a huge platform for artists as the show had viewership from across Africa.

Malawians selected Young Kay to represent them as he was what was popping then. Young Kay performed to a crowd that wasn’t really familiar with his music and to be honest his performance was fairly good.

However, back home Malawians weren’t really impressed and this was not necessarily by his music but rather his attire. Instead of rating his performance, it seemed everyone was discontented with the sweater he put on.

“Avala bwanji Juzi ku Big Brother??” “Avala bwanji juzi pa stage?” fans complained.

This was a make or break moment for the young Hiphop star but he just shook it off and continued on his music journey to become one of finest Mcees the land has ever seen.

The rest is history.Sometimes in life just ignore the negative energy and focus on your goal as people will always talk.

Harvey Mzati

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