Is KNQR a phony brand???

Good morning all my geezers out there. Let’s talk about Hayze Engola and his brand KNQR.

This is a clothing line that has won the hearts of the urban youth.

It’s stylish and sex appeal made Hayze Engola an exceptional rapper who goes beyond just rapping on the mic.

What has raised eyebrows is the similiraty between his brand KNQR and the Australian brand KNQR.

What strikes curiosity more is that they are both clothing lines.

When Twitter Malawi saw this, they bashed Engola for ripping Malawians off.

People have questioned the likelihood of two people coming up with such a similar concepts. The odds are not in Hayze Engolas favour.

Hayze Engola, has however defended himself on the clear resemblance of the two brands.

The outspoken rapper claims that it’s a mere coincidence and that the two brands represent two totally different ideas.

In a Facebook post, Hayze further reiterated that he had engaged his legal team to advise on the legality of this issue.

His legal team has given him assurance that the Homegrown rapper is on the good side of the law and they could easily defend him in case of a law suit of KNQR v KNQR.

MRB’s verdict: Hayze has to do a lot more to convince his customers that this is just a coincidence. Otherwise, no one would wanna be associated with a counterfeit brand.

Our advice to would be business ventures take your time to Google about your proposed business name before registering it.

Harvey Mzati

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