Common Mistakes by most Malawian Artists (Roy View)

Common Mistakes by most Malawian Artists:

1. Operating without a musical manager.

Most artists in Malawi don’t have managers as a result they fail to handle fame, finance and personal life. They post everything even useless things on social media and fail to manage finances and fame because they operate without a “parent”…..manager

2. Thinking that a large following on social media means success

Most artists get carried away by social media frenzy to the point that if they have many followers than a certain legend they think they are better than that legend and they stop getting advice from anyone else.

3. Focusing on Malawian Market Only

Most Malawian artists are satisfied with a Malawian audience only….as long as they made it in Likuni that’s fine for them.

4. Too much focus on fame and making hit singles

Not every good song is a hit and not every hit song is a good song. Trumel has few hit songs but many good songs. Many artists compromise on the message in an effort to just make a “hit” and end up having a bunch of songs that do not last long

5. Feeling that you are a star than others in a musical group

We have seen many musical groups that had a bright future but ended up prematurely because some members felt they were more important than other members in the group….this results from careless remarks from fans or other facebook pages trying to find facebook followers. It is very important for any musical group to have a manager and a team to keep the group going than just members.

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