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Gud Fly the God Father of Tumbuka Rap

In and around 2010 and 2011 the Mzuzu Rap scene was just booming up with the likes of Slessor, Thunder, Boomerang and Lady Pace manning the mantle of the game in the North side. At this time Revolver was the only notable Mzuzu export at the moment having already colborated with then heavy weights like JB, Dictator and the Daredevils. The common thing about all these Mzuzu rappers at the moment is that they were rapping in either English or Chichewa. None of them had the balls to rhyme in Tumbuka except the man on our heading, Gud Fly.

In a country where tribalism is the order of the day, Gud Fly defied all odds by starting his own subgenre called Tumbuka Swagga. This was a risky move for someone whose career was just budding. However, his jam Deuces (Remix of Chris Brown) caught the attention of hip hop lovers across the country. His bars were on point but also funny. He was arguably bigger than Slessor around that particular time with him getting more airplay and shows within the City of Mzuzu.

Gud Fly was a true OG in a sense that he was never afraid of dissing the then heavy weights in the industry. His most notable diss track was Bekechu aimed at the then Hip Hop artist of the yaer Young Kay (Hyphen) which featured Slessor. This was a pure hip hop diss song and no words were minced. Unfortunately, Young Kay didn’t give him any response.

The rappers downfall started when he moved to Blantyre and switched his style to suit the new audience that side. His Tumbuka rhymes started to be rare and fans couldn’t connect with his new style which was too raw for the local scene. Later on, he gave his life to Christ and started doing gospel rap which didn’t take him very far. This was the end of a musical career that had a lot of promise.

Currently, the rapper is back in his home town Mzuzu where he is battling against mental illness. Let’s pray for him

Harvey Mzati

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