Sage Poet drops 5th album – Parable Of The Chariot

Malawian socially conscious rapper and producer Sage Poet real name Wongani Kawonga has released his 5th studio album titled “Parable of the Chariot”.

In an interview with The Nation, Sage Poet said the album has been inspired mostly by the state of the world at the moment.

“We are locked in the house for fear of the pandemic. This has led me to think about so many things that go in the way of oneness,” Sage Poet narrated.

The 10 track album features Tadala, Black Isco, Kananji, Phi Ella, Sagonjah, Hopeson, Q Aura, Prime, Tru Fix, Spokesman and poet Chris Msosa.

Since it’s online release, the album cover has attracted mixed reactions.

Commenting on the cover artwork, Sage Poet said, “I also wanted to point something about the cover. From the Vedas. The chariot stands for the human body. The five horses which draw the chariot are  the five sense organs. The reins stand for the mind.  The charioteer stands for the intellect.

“The rider here is the individual jiva.
If the charioteer falls asleep or is not alert , then the reins which are to be controlled by  the charioteer will become loose and then  the horses will go out of control. This then ends up in the destruction  of  the  chariot and the rider.”

He added, “It is clear from this that if the intellect   (The charioteer) loses its grip over its mind (the reins), the mind runs wherever  it wants and allows the five sense organs (the five horses) to go wherever they want  to and indulge.

“Then this brings a destruction to man’s  personality. The rest of the themes in the project will be left for the Audience to interpret as they feel with the art.”

The album contains songs such as Darkness of the night, Christopher Columbus, Aryan Invasion, Avangers, Compassion, Journey from here to here, Disharmony, Insperience, Wisdom and Rishi.

Sage Poet started his music journey in 2004, releasing singles and EPs.

Although Sage Poet started rapping professionally in 2004, he released his debut album as a duet in 2008.

  1. Sage Poet & Dominant 1 – Dominant Poetics (2008)
  2. Sage Poet & RebelMusiQ – Unsung Heroes (2012)
  3. Sage Poet & RebelMusiQ – UnCool (2013)
  4. Sage Poet – Mastering The Pain Magnum Opus (2015)
  5. Sage Poet & Justus Divine – Alchemy (2018)
  6. Sage Poet & Justus Divine – Secrets Of The Secret (2019)
  7. Sage Poet – Cosmosapien (Beat Tape) (2021)
  8. Sage Poet – Moksha (Beat Tape) (2021)
  9. Sage Poet – Parable Of The Chariot (2021)

As a producer, Sage Poet produced two beat tapes titled Cosmosapien and Moksha in 2021.

Parable of the Chariot album is available for sale on MO 626 – 1001904635, Airtel money – 0991410972 and Mpamba – 0880 70 36 48.

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