Gospel Musician Chirwa goes virtual for album launch

As scores of businesses continue to be conducted in an abnormal way due to COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment sector has not been spared in hosting musical shows in un usual way.

While some musicians are gate-crashing government restrictions on COVID-19, in an attempt to revert to an ordinary way to conduct their shows, gospel musician worshipper Joseph Chirwa thought otherwise.

Chirwa does not want to join such bandwagons.

In an interview with MRB ENTERTAINMENT Reporter online yesterday Tuesday, Chirwa has disclosed that he will be launching his second album, titled “Malawi for Jesus” on October 25 2020, through Mibawa TV live, Mibawa Facebook live and other media platforms.

“Mainly there will be 2 platforms;

1. Mibawa tv: the function will be aired live on Mibawa tv.

You can watch mibawa tv via gotv, zuku, clear clear or mibawa tv app.

2. Facebook page: the function will be streamed live on Mibawa tv fb page. We will share the link,” Chirwa said.

When asked how he will generate profits of the virtual show, considering that many artists when doing shows, the primary purpose is to generate proceeds through gate collections; Chirwa contends that the primary purpose of the shows is to advertise your product and the rest follows.Chirwa said:

“The primary purpose of launching is to formally inform the public about the availability of a new product on the market. Once the public is made aware of the product and where to find the same, then you are safe.”

On a capacity of hosting the virtual shows in the country, as standard of the equipments may not sastify an international standards, Chirwa said as artists, they need to use what is available.“God will not entrust us with great things unless we learn to use the little that we have,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chirwa has urged all Malawians to come forward to follow the launch through the listed media platforms.He added: “I urge all Malawians and the world at large to patronise the function. Distance and covid are not a barrier.”Commenting on the virtual album launch of Chirwa, a renowned gospel musician and a producer of music from Annointing record studio in area 23 Lilongwe, Norman Phiri describe the idea as “great.”

“It’s a great idea, great move. Am happy with that. There are a thousand ways to kill a rat, it’s good to change the approach,” Phiri said.

Joseph Chirwa has two albums namely; By My Spirit, which has songs like Chikondi, Dzuka Niwale among others and the to be launched Malawi for Jesus.

Malawi for Jesus is a cum-national anthem song, which talks about that if God is with Malawi who can be against Malawi.

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