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By Saidi Winnes

Unknown thugs yesterday kidnapped and injured personal driver of Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Honourable Timothy Mtambo.

Honourable Minister has confirmed the development saying that the incident happened in Lilongwe last night around 7 as the driver was assigned to go to Daeyang Luke Hospital to buy medication for the Honourable Mtambo’s father who is sick and is currently being kept at his son’s house in Lilongwe.

The said attacked driver,experienced the fate as he was driving back from the hospital and he was driving the access road that connects the hospital and the main M1 road,he saw four men in full police uniform and one had a gun and were stopping the car.

Unknown thugs told the driver that he was driving with a deflated back tyre,upon hearing this the driver stepped out of the car to do some checks, then they started hitting his head with wooden bars until he became unconscious.

After some minutes,the driver gained consciousness and discovered that his hands and legs were tied and he was bundled at the boot of the car, at that moment he saw the asian man boarding the car then the thugs proceeded with the drive and the driver was threatened to be killed if he continues talking to them.

Unfortunately, the CIC’s ministerial vehicle hit a pothole and lost direction of the road , it plunged into maize field, the thugs fled upon seeing villagers assembling at the scene to rescue people involved in the accident.

The Honourable Mtambo’s driver introduced himself and narrated the story to the villagers,then the villagers told him that he was at Bwengu in Rumphi,upon communicating with Honourable Mtambo , the driver was taken to police and hospital for statement and treatment respectively.

The driver is surviving internal head injuries which he sustained during the attack.

Meanwhile, the police is investigating the Matter in question to establish the identities of the thugs.

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