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Let’s Talk about the Mzuzu Music Awards 2022

Being an event happening for the first time in the North the organizers tried to give that impression that these things can also happen from the Northern Region and it was seen from the decorations,the way nominations were being announced that they really had done the homework.Despite not having a proper flow of categories the organizers did display it well,and a plus was the invitation of the legendary promoter Jai Banda of Entertainers promotion.Next time let the MC put on a dressing matching with the even

On the organization we rate it @ 8/10

2_The Winners of the Awards
Despite that there were some dissatisfactions as we could here background noises when the winners for the song of the Year award and Reggae Dancehall Artist of the Year we believe that the voting factor had played it’s part in determining the winners on the same,yes indeed “Numbers Don’t Lie”.Some of the categories winners were already detacted taking into account the work some of the winners had put in in the year 2022,the likes of Chawa Beats,Dir Tonney,Mercha,Pop Young

We rate the Winners category by giving it 8/10

3_Performing Acts of the Day
We don’t think people had paid only to see the main acts of the day performing only 2 songs and saying “Timangolawitsa” we will perform more songs at the after party where someone was also supposed to pay on the door to enter the venue plus some headliner artists were not available.For the local performing acts we love you yes but take time and master your live acts kuyimba kugulu kumasiyana ndi kuyimba mu studio.Outstanding performances from Dumis9ne I,Neoto Mellz just to mention a few.

We give it 6/10

4_The Audience
The turn out was impressive being the first time this event was happening hopefully it will improve to the better next time.Yes we are supposed to celebrate when our favorite artist wins an award but not to the extent of disturbing peace of others.Ofcourse anthu anatchena matching the event

We give the Audience 8/10

Overall get we giving the whole event 8/10

We hope the organizers have seen the shortfalls and will improve next time and also let the corporate world in the region come out and support these types of events.


Harvey Mzati

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