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Social Media lessons with Amuna Misso


By Harold Kapindu…

Besides creating unnecessary noise through publicity stunts, social media users have fallen victims to hacking and blackmail.

A few celebrities namely Gwamba, Tay Grin and Desert Eagle have recently been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, claiming they are victims of circumstances.

Veteran rapper Jolly Bro and Kalawe are some renowned personalities whose social media pages were hacked. However, Kalawe managed to retrieve it.

Celebrities and public figures with huge followers are easily targeted worldwide by hackers either for monetary or non monetary reasons.

Renowned digital music promoter and marketer, Misso Chitsamba also known as Amuna Misso has therefore launched an online channel which is providing tips on how artists can improve digital visibility and protect themselves from hacking among other things.

The Amuna Misso platform is aimed at educating artists as well as entertaining the general public in a language they can easily understand, Chichewa.

The YouTube channel is dynamic but the niche is all about entertainment and live interviews with various local artists.

Amuna Misso’s Tutorials are just a part of the entertainment segment where he educates local artists on how they can protect their social media handles as some have been victims of such kind of hacks.

Using his vast experience in digital music promotion and marketing, Amuna Misso states, “I am urging artists to improve their online presence and work with me. Artists can learn one or two things to improve their online visibility. I can also help them put songs on international music stores.

“Artists need to sound authentic and avoid copying international artist styles or beats. With our own type of beats we can blend and get recognized internationally like our Nigeria and South African counterparts.”

Apart from music promotion and tutorials, Amuna Misso also uploads songs on local music downloading websites like malawi-music.com and mrbvibes.com.

He also helps artists upload songs on international music stores like Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, BoomPlay, Deezer and Other well known music stores.

The tutorials also helps artists to have Google knowledge panel so their Biography and Discography can be easily traced on Google search engine.

People can simply visit the Amuna Misso YouTube channel where there are alot of Chichewa Tips. They can just search Amuna Misso on YouTube and check the list of Chichewa tutorials.

Amuna Misso is also the founder of Malawi Rap and Battles Page, a well known platform for up and coming artists where they are allowed to battle and make a name for themselves.

However, the page is now being managed by other administrators.

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