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Gattah got the Matchsticks

This year’s Mdubz Hip Hop is Gattah’s if he treads well.

Gattah has a unique style which is slowly displacing the style that the Gwambas and Martses have been dishing out for years.

Their styles dwelt much on clever wordplays and metaphors. With Gattah, you get a different vibe .

A unique style only he executes perfectly. His style is like that one of 21 Savage- simple and very audible.

\His voice has that Pop Smoke energy. Deep but lazy.Gattah can rap about anything and make it sound cool.

I bet he can even read a grocery list and make it sound gangsta. And the other thing is that Hip Hop on a global scale is regressing back to grim rap and beats.

The clever wordplays went away with Lil Wayne.

Trap has been overdosed and the new wave of Grim is coming with the likes of Benny The Butcher, Conway the Machine , Freddie Gibs etc.

And Ghatta is suited for these dark , grim and gangasta beats.This is Ghatta’s year ….with focus and dedication.


Gift Kaputolo

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