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Gwamba Apologises to Toria

Female artist Toriah received a cold-shoulder from Gwamba.Earlier yesterday, Toriah updated her picture picture of her posing together with Gwamba. The photo was captioned: “Pachi Sunday, Longlive Major 1. Shepherd Bushiri Foundation”After posting the picture, different comments flooded alleged to the collage.

After 2 hours of this, Gospel artist Gwamba commented that “You took a picture with me 7/8 months ago, which is okay cuz I take pictures with a lot of people, but I don’t like how you have posted it. I understand you are an artist and you need the attention but please leave me out of it. Don’t create a story when there is nothing. So I’m humbly asking you to delete this, and if you want to post a picture of you and me, do it the way everyone would do it. Respect me. Thanks “What is your view, thought, idea or comment on this?Apparently, Toriah has changed her profile picture.

This morning Gwamba has tweeted an apology over his overreaction. He has since begged for an apology from Toria and his fans. Below is his apology.

“On what happened yesterday……I will not try to defend myself. I will not try to explain my comment. This is because I know that I overreacted and my comment was harsh. I should not have commented on her post and if anything I was supposed to be nice. I apologize not just to Toria, but to my fans at large. When you see me, don’t be afraid to ask for a picture. You can even hold me the way you want to, I will be there smiling as always. You can post the pictures on any platform and at your own specific time with any caption that you want. I hope I am forgiven. Have a lovely day and always remember this, No You, No Gwamba”

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