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By Chigomezyo.

Born Blessings Pindani who goes by the stage name of Kingsons is a gospel musician who is fast making a name for himself in the music industry.

Having worked in the past with music giants in the country (like Lulu and Gwamba) and performed at different different music festivals as a vocalist alongside these main acts, Kingsons is no stranger in the local music arena. Recently, Kingsons has been featured in the new album of the celebrated Music Producer Mwanie called “Psalms 150″. In the album, Kingsons contributed two songs, ” Kwanu” and “Sole” which he made up one mind with the Hip Hop maestro Martse. These two songs which are both produced by Mwanie marks his start of a solo music career and his ministering of the word of God through music at the top level.

#ToTheTop spoke with #Kingsons and he talked to us about his upcoming projects and his music journey as a whole.

Z. Growing up, what influenced you to start singing?

K. If I have to be honest with you, nothing influenced me start singing. I was born singing. Music has been in me since when I was in my mothers womb. Since when I was young, I would sing in a choir at church or school and people would get amazed by my voice. So in short music has been in me ever since and now I would like to share my music with the world.

Z. When did you start recording your music?

K. My first time to record at a studio was in 2014. Then I was in an acapella group at church, called the Exodus, so we went at BFB’s studio to do a song.

Z. How can you describe your growth in music from 2014 to 2020?

K. Honestly, I have seen too much growth in me. There is this guy McLuther Mambala, through him I met Lulu who liked my music and put me on board to be working with him as a vocalist. Out of the vocals team of Lulu, I was picked to work with Gwamba at several shows he performed at and I have worked with Kell Kay as well. Frankly speaking, my music journey has been good, the only problem which has constrained my individual growth as an artist, as Kingsons, are financial constraints. So you can see the progress I have made as a musician so far and I have learnt a lot by working with these complete musicians.

Z. Looking at the people you have worked with, you could have easily being a secular artist. What made you to be a gospel musician?

K. To be honest, it has been God all the way. Saying the truth, there were times I was tempted to become a secular artist, certain individuals telling me they will support and promote my music if I am a secular musician. But here I am still doing gospel music. So its just God in me, nothing else.

Z. How can you describe your music style?

K. Okay, it will be really hard for me to answer this question. I am saying this because these days we fuse different genres to come up with something new. So what I can say on this, is that I am developing my own tune and people will be able to sample it out in my first album or EP which I am sure we will start working on soon.

Z. Do you have anyone you look up to in the local music industry?

K. Yes, I have. Lulu stand out for me and every time I am with him I learn a lot.

Z. So going forward, what are your plans?

K. Going forward I wanna record an EP, I already wrote the songs. They are there, I am just waiting to record them. Soon will also start shooting videos for “Sole” and “Kwanu”, the ones which are in Mwanie’s album.

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