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Late Kenny Klips inspires Vitu Marley’s album – “China

Upon receiving his lifetime achievement award at 2020 Malawi Hip Hop Awards, the late Kenny Klips said “Malawians don’t love hip hop”, the remarks which resonated with many including rapper, Vitu Marley.

Fast forward to 2021, Vitu Marley has released his debut album inspired by the Kenny Klips sentiments.

He articulated, “I believe that was the truth because most Malawians only support the kind of hip hop that gives them attention in public eyes. “In Malawi, if you are a lyricist, you are labelled as hard headed and primitive.

However, I believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human being experience and it is this experience that shapes us to be better people and therefore “China Nsolo China Nzeru” is about my personal experiences which I want to share with the public.”

“China Nsolo China Nzeru” is a sena phrase which means “Chili ndi Mutu Chili ndi Nzeru”.

He further added that the album was also inspired by the teachings of Maat, The Egyptian book of the dead, Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara, John Chilembwe and Haile Selassie.

“They all preach the same message which is; know thyself, have confidence in self without the help of religion and politricks and make something for yourself without the slave master’s god.

“The album title itself is speaking to the youths that they should believe in themselves and do things on their own because if you have a head then you can make a plan for yourself,” Vitu Marley explained.

The eleven track project was composed and written by Vitu Marley himself and it features Lexie, Prime and JMC among others. “China Nsolo China Nzeru” was recorded and mixed by Nefter of Day Break Studios in Lilongwe.

Real name Vitumbiko Makumba, Vitu Marley is currently based in Nkhotakota where he is working. Vitu Marley started recording music in 2018 after being encouraged by peers who witnessed his rap battles and freestyles at Malawi Adventist University.

However, “China Nsolo China Nzeru” is his first full project since recording his debut single in 2018 at SU Records.

“As an emcee, I stick to the original hip hop, the boom bap, the DJ cuts and scratches, the graffiti and all the real elements of hip hop,” he articulated.

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