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Ma artists oziwa kucheza pa Mdubz pano

1- Phyzix – anthu amaona ngati Phyzo ndi wa ndeu koma ayi ndithu. He is so chilled and usually makes friends with everyone. Sakwiya wamba. For him, its only entertaimnent!

2- Tay Grin – Amfumu awa salimbana nazo. Pa easy basi. You talk to him and you realize that he isnt such a bitter dude . He is calm and collected despite most people mudslinging him.

3- Gwamba – When we praise him, people think we want to bootlick and chew his money but not at all. Gwamba is a grudgless man. He has embraced artists that previously spoke ill of him. Ndimfana oti amapasa opportunitiez tp upcoming artistz. He doesnt see upcoming artists as competition

4_ Blackjack _ ada awa amacheza ndi wina aliyense. Nda pa easy. He is very approachable. He is so open and sakhomeleraafana

Basi; these are the ones i know Enawo you will add


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