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In no particular order

1. Rina – Blantyre based rapper, radio DJ and voice over artist. Affiliated with acts such as Dominant 1, Dare Devilz, late Revolver, Manje Beats and DreamSounds Records. Her biggest hits include “Moto”.

2. Lioness – Probably the most dominant female rapper on FM 101 Power’s Hip Hop Drill hosted by Dr Gwynz. She was popular in the mid 2000s.

3. Nasila – Affiliated with acts such as Tay Grin, Desert Eagle, Young Kay and Dice. She collaborated with Pop Dogg on the hit single”How we do”.

4. Complex – Lilongwe based Femcee. Affiliated with Dominant 1 and Verbal Slaughter Entertainment. She is related to Phyzix.

5. Vida aka Styles Vee – Rapper, DJ and HipHop4HIV organization founder. HipHop4HIV also had a radio show on FM 101 Power. Affiliated with Dare Devilz, DreamSounds, DJ Rubbah and Sean Stewart.

6. Aycee James – Blantyre based female rapper and singer. Her popular hits include “China Love”.

7. Ceezae – She became popular in mid 2000s. Her songs did well on Mingoli on Capital FM Radio chats. Affiliated with acts such as The Nameless of “China” and “K-Shi ndi Bobo” fame.

8. Juda Gaga – Related to Chavura and Affiliated with Trap Squad Entertainment, a label which hadlate Revolver, Ron Cz and Stich Fray among others. She collaborated with Revolver on Big Sean’s “Ass” cover, “Mbina”.

9. Norah – Self acclaimed Blantyre based conscious female rapper. Affiliated with HB Records, a label which had Abambo AB, Cyclone, Tanaposi and late Frank CN.

10. Luki 247 – One of the most hard working artists in recent years. She has performed at major festivals including Lake of Stars and Sand Music Fest. Her hit songs include “Ufulu”.

11. Toriah – Also known as “Sister wa Mwanache”. Previously signed under Focus 265 Entertainment. She has performed alongside Gwamba and Zambia’s Yo Maps and B1.

12. Tiya Joan – Gospel rapper, singer and Poet. Affiliated with acts such as Khetwayo.

13. Audacious – Lilongwe based rapper. Affiliatedwith Verbal Slaughter Entertainment. She also worked with Dominant 1.

14. Ka Sheena – Blantyre based rapper. Affiliated with Prophecy and Hypa.

15. Kim of Diamonds – She’s an award winning singer but she also raps. He had a local Hip Hop radio show on Timveni Radio.

16. Lady Pace, Femcee from The North.


Harold Kapindu

Harold Kapindu is an award winning online arts and entertainment journalist based in Lilongwe, Malawi. He has previously worked with Malawi News Agency and Timveni Child and Youth Organization. Contact

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