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Open Letter To Sonyezo

Dear Sonyezo ,
I started listening to your music way back. Down the memory lane I still remember how we use to tell the girls we liked that “Ukadutsa iweyo, tonse timakhala chete”. Good old days, right? You are one of those musicians whom whenever you release a song, it never dissapoints. You are a specialist on making sure that everything in a song is perfect. You are like a chef, who make sure that the salt is not too much, the spices are there but not that much, the oil is there but in just the right amount. I really love your music.
I always knew you are a special talent but I never imagined your talent is this extraordinary until you released “Somewhere in Africa”. That project made me to see you in a different league of your own. When I listen to that project I always shake my head, how did you pull that together? When I look in Africa, I only see Black Coffee and no one else come close to what you did in that project. Like who else?
Whenever I listen to the songs in “Somewhere in Africa” EP I close my eyes and imagine you at the biggest EDM festivals in the world. I see you at the @TommorowLand, I see you at Glastonbury Festival in the UK, I see you performing at Ibiza. I always dream of that project making you big world wide. I do not know what happened, maybe you tried pushing the project and it did not just come through. Well whatever happened, do not give up. Please drop another project like that, I swear that is the music will take Malawi to places. One thing I loved about “Somewhere in Africa” was the way you fused traditional drums in the beats you used. That’s the identity we want as Malawians.
However, I am just a fan who love your music, it all comes to you. But if you will come across this, please we need new music with the somewhere in Africa touch.
Osafooka, kuphusha mpaka I wanna see you perform at Tomorrow Land one day

MRB Reporter

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