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Reasons Third Eye is much way better than other rappers


1. He comes up with lines that give much sense. It takes a mind with ability to read in between words to depict meaning

2. He makes music both for Africa and Malawi as a country. Lately it’s has been noted Kenya holds a highly fan base than Malawi. Most Malawians put effort in targeting artists sounding so local

3. He never goes with claiming. He goes with realistic and life situation events. A sum of rappers brag about possessions, assets, number of ladies they hang out with and etc which is exclude in Third’s songs

And Micheck Chimaliro have to say this :

Now if you talking about the nigga not having hits it’s because he’s living hiphop.

Hiphopers will always remain true, even when cockroaches swerve in with new waves. They will win the industry and make money but will vanish

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