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T.I. Says He Would Love To Verzuz Battle Eminem Since 50 Won’t

Last year, on the occasion of 50 Cent’s birthday, T.I. send him wishes through a challenge of a versuz battle. Not only 50 Cent, but Tip also said that he doesn’t care if he brings Dr. Dre, Eminem, or the G-Unit with him for the Verzuz Battle. “For your birthday, I offer you a challenge, sir,” said Tip. “Bring yo a*s on out, bring ya records, bring ya hit records witcha. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and all y’all. Got damn, the G-Unit, all y’all bring y’all a*s on out. C’mon, see the king. And I f**k with you, 50. It ain’t you this time. It’s your catalog that gots some trouble. Your muthaf**kin’ catalog is in trouble.

However, 50 declined the challenge as he trolled T.I. on Instagram. “yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday. LOL.

Now, in one of his latest live streams, T.I. says he would love to battle Eminem since 50 Cent won’t. While traveling in a private jet, T.I. went live on his IG and said, “So If 50 don’t do it, give me anybody off a swagger like us. Anybody who was on swagger like us. I do without one of them. It’s gonna be a tough road but that’s my class. I don’t think anybody gonna beat Wayne but I answer all callers. Eminem would be dope too and I f**k with Eminem.

Since the creation of the viral webcast series by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, a lot of people has been calling out Eminem for a Verzuz, including Busta Rhymes. Last year in an interview, 50 Cent said that nobody can compete with Eminem. “If anybody’s thinking of doing that type of competition with them and then they should stop,” said 50 Cent. “Just stop thinking that sh*t right away because It’s not going to turn out good. Bro, you know ‘Marshall Mathers LP’ sold 22 million copies. that’s why I always knew my project could be bigger. When the guy that sells 22 million records says yo this guy is crazy like this is the one for us to f*ck with, everybody wants to do what you want to do, that’s why my relationship with him is the way it is you know what I’m saying because that was the opportunity enough.

But if there’s any chance of Eminem agreeing to come in the Verzuz, who would you love to see him go against?

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