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URBAN TRENDS: 6 months in Covid 19 pandemic

Its now six months since the United Nations body, World Health Organization declared Covid 19 as a global pandemic.

Since the WHO declaration, strict restrictions have been put in place in a bid to contain the global spread of the virus.

Besides the music, the last six months have seen Malawian artists getting creative and going an extra mile in finding alternative ways of generating income for either personal or charity.

For instance, musician and FDH Bank brand ambassador Patience Namadingo recently posed as a statue and raised more than K3 million for William Kachigamba’s cancer treatment abroad.

On the other hand, technology has further helped artists and organizations to engage and interact with the public via live streaming events on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Zoom.

Television stations are also allocating airtime for artists to perform and entertain fans as evidenced on Sunday, 30th August where Christian Hip Hop artist Suffix performed live on Mibawa TV.

Musically, unlike in the past, the industry has seen more urban music albums being released despite the Covid 19 restrictions taking a toll on artists welfare.

In case you missed, apart from the much publicized Dare Devilz for life album, two other albums were also released in a space of two weeks.

Alchemy Music Group on Thursday, 3 September released Black Isco’s lose of fitness and health inspired second 10 track album titled “No More Excuses”.

The following day, 4th September, South African record label, DversCT Records released “Ruling Town”, a 10 track album by Malawian reggae dancehall artist Khillaz Champian.

Meanwhile, Blantyre based In-house media on Monday released the highly anticipated “Hide and Seek” riddim medley ahead of the full album release scheduled for September month end.

The riddim medley was premiered on MBC Radio 2’s Made on Monday.

Despite the lockdowns and Covid 19 restrictions, its also worth highlighting the fact that Mobile Money music marketing is also playing a vital role in the increase of album releases.

Long at last, artists can now earn something from their hard work.

Show appreciation and support local artists in this pandemic. Buy their music via Mobile Money.

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