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Daredevils’ For Life Review

The Daredevils have solidified their place among god’s in the Malawian hip-hop circles. The recently released album is a truly inspired piece of work. The concepts are not only on point but have also been buttered with raw vulgar lyrics we’ve known the Daredevils for.

Family is a constant theme that has engraved the soul of the album. The blood brothers have gone a mile to give us a glimpse of their childhood and the struggles they went through growing up with a single mom. In addition, the collaborations have been limited to a few close friends and family.

I know at times we got carried away and dubbed Homegrown African as the greatest rap duo to ever Grace the mic in the country but please forgive us… We are also human and prone to error. The Daredevils are the GOATs. Being the Daredevils, some of the content is not radio friendly so they won’t bag a lot from the COSOMA cheques. As such, if you can please buy the album to support raw talent. .To cup it up, if Malawian hip-hop is a living body, GD is the heart and Marcus is the blood.

This album is a masterpiece and it will be hard for any albums post the For life album to beat this.

Harvey Mzati

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