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INDZEE Album 2021 best seller

One thing we should all realize and keep in mind is that we are humans before celebrities.

Despite some urban music heavyweights dropping projects this far in 2021, names withheld, their egos have betrayed them in as far as sales are concerned.

Unsurprisingly, Black Jak’s Indzee album is undoubtedly the best seller in 2021. Why? Let’s explore some of the reasons.

Firstly, although they say there is no such thing as a humble celebrity, but Black Jak has humanity. He is a peoples person.

He is a rare gem. He is an established musician, TV and radio personality, producer, voice over artist, actor and entrepreneur.

Black Jak has assisted and worked with almost all established as well as rookies in urban music and entertainment industry as a whole. Hence, indzee album was and still receives an overwhelming support.

Besides the social and traditional media hype, television and radio mentions, people are actually buying the album both on soft and physical copies.

And, its evident. The album is actually selling, to borrow a cliché, like hot cakes.

As a matter of fact, the album racked in almost 2 million kwacha after 24 hours of its release and Black Jak has been transparent on the sales.

Simply visit his social media fan pages and bear witness to the Indzee movement. Its an amazing marketing strategy in its own right.

Pictures of Celebrities and public figures taken after buying the physical copy are being posted on Black Jak’s timeline prompting everyone to be part of the movement.

Selling music via online and mobile money might be ideal in this digital world. However, traditional ways such as Compact Disks shouldn’t be completely written off. Black Jak has proved that CDs are still relevant.

When its all said and done, we can only conclude that Indzee is this year’s highest grossed album as well as a best seller since we have the evidence.


Harold Kapindu

Harold Kapindu is an award winning online arts and entertainment journalist based in Lilongwe, Malawi. He has previously worked with Malawi News Agency and Timveni Child and Youth Organization. Contact

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